Lanac d.o.o.

About us

Lanac ltd. was founded in 1953. as a machinery locksmiths’ and smiths’ co-partnership. It was founded by Ivan Skomrak.   The chains were forged in the heat of smiths’ fires in Palmotićeva and Šenoina streets in the heart of Zagreb, until the seventies, when building of the new installations in Zaprešić started. At the same time, the new technology of chain production by electricity-proof welding was introduced.   After the production has been moved to Zaprešić, the production programme was also widened, and “Lanac” becomes a modern factory for production of chains and other chain products and equipment.   In the nineties (1993-1995.), when new halls were built, the production was spread to wire manufacturing – nails, dragged wire, burned (heated) wires, which increased our wire production from 400 tones per year up to today’s capacity of 1500 tones per year, with the tendency of permanent increasing.   Those very years the privatization of the company began, so today “Lanac” is one hundred percent private-owned.   Today, Lanac ltd. is a well-known company for production of chains, nails and wires, and the quality of an overall process is acknowledged by the issued certificate ISO 9001.